What Is Cancer?

This one word alone has wreaked more havoc in people’s lives than just about any other word in history.  Especially today where it has become very common in our everyday vernacular.  There is at least one person in every household that has a family member or relative suffering from cancer.

So what is cancer really?  Well, I am not a doctor or physician so as a disclaimer I am required to state that everything I am saying in this article is purely my own personal opinion as it appears to me, is not FDA approved, not a cure for and not intended to diagnose or cure any disease and to tell you to make sure that you always check with a licensed practicing physician before attempting to diagnose, cure or treat any disease and that this is purely for educational purposes and that anything you decide to pursue is at your own risk.

With that said, allow me to share with you what I personally believe both naturally as well as spiritually.

 According to Google the definition of cancer is 3 fold:

  • 1. the disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body.

“he’s got cancer”

  • 2. a malignant growth or tumor resulting from the division of abnormal cells.
    plural noun: cancers
    “most skin cancers are curable”
    • synonyms:
  • 3. a practice or phenomenon perceived to be evil or destructive and hard to contain or eradicate.
    “racism is a cancer sweeping across Europe”
    • synonyms:

Here is the origin of word Cancer according to the dictionary:

Old English, from Latin, ‘crab or creeping ulcer,’ translating Greek karkinos, said to have been used to name such tumors because the swollen veins around them resembled the limbs of a crab. canker was the usual form until the 17th century Compare with Cancer.

In my opinion, definition number 3 pretty much covers everything  that is called cancer today.  Let me explain.

Cancer as a disease in and of itself does not really exist.  In contrast to the first definition that cancer is the “uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body”, every cell in the body has a blueprint built into it for controlled division to replicate itself every 7 years.  As such every 7 years you have an entirely new body.  The only reason that your body does not replicate itself perfectly into the younger body you once had, has to do with the length of your DNA telomeres which get shortened with age.  However that is a topic for another discussion and has very little to do with our discussion here on cancer.

In a normal environment, our cells follow this routine like clockwork.  The variable here is the environment that interferes with our cells’ normal reproduction.  Yes, our world today is not as pristine as it once was.  In history prior to the 1900’s there was hardly ever any mention of cancer anywhere as it was extremely rare.  Fast forward to today where the numbers of incidents are staggering and overwhelming.

Even more important than the outward environment is the inward environment of our body.  It is commonly accepted knowledge that when someone smokes, they run an increased risk for lung cancer.  It is printed on each packet of cigarettes.  Why is this?  Is it because the smoke triggers the disease of lung cancer?  Or could it perhaps be the literally one thousand chemical additives that the manufacturers mix in with the tobacco to make it more addictive? 

Perhaps, but it is much simpler than that.  It is because the cells in the lungs are being starved of oxygen which is one of the main necessities for the cell’s proper level of electricity for survival and normal functioning.  As such the cell is programmed to hit the panic button and go into emergency survival mode.  The normal replication mode of 7 years is now replaced by a ‘replicate as fast as you can’ mode for self preservation and pure survival.

Otto Warburg won the 1931 Nobel Peace Prize in Physiology with his discovery in 1923 that the definition of a cancer cell was a cell with low ATP (adenosine triphosphate) energy level.  In other words, the cell does not not have the proper level of electrical energy to be able to carry on its normal functioning and reproductive schedule.  Once the energy level goes below a certain level, it automatically triggers the emergency response system to preserve itself.  His famous quote: 

“Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous.” 

This concludes that the cells do not all of a sudden become “abnormal cells”.  They are acting normally according to their programmed design.  Therefore the cells are not “uncontrolled” but rather perfectly controlled by their internally programmed DNA blueprint to replicate in survival mode in order to preserve themselves.

This can be compared to a modern day ship that has been damaged and is taking on water.  Especially sizable ships like tankers, have programmed, built in triggers that will shut down hatches and close doors automatically to preserve the ship and try to keep her afloat until she can be towed to port and be repaired.

As soon as the internal environment returns to normal the cells return to their regularly scheduled programming, halt their survival mode replication and are right back on track to replicate only once every 7 years. 

Smokers who suddenly quit smoking experience a surge of energy which usually translates into an intense craving of nicotine, the substance their body was accustomed to getting regularly and now is deprived of.  The cells in their lungs are getting increased oxygen and the body starts to repair any damaged cells.

As important as oxygen is to the cell, is the PH level of the cell.  PH (Power or Potential Of Hydrogen) is a measure of acidity or alkalinity.  Remember from chemistry how you could use a litmus test piece of paper to determine which liquid was an acid and which was a base? 

If you have a swimming pool or have ever had to take care of using chemicals to turn the green water in a pool back to blue, then you know exactly what I mean.  The very first step is to clean the pool of all debris to stop the process of algae formation.  All the leaves, bugs, dead animals like frogs and chipmunks have to be completely removed.  Only then can you take a sample of the water down to your local pool store where they will test it for you and tell you exactly what chemicals you need to turn your water back to its beautiful blue.

The first test is that the PH should be between 7.5 to 7.8.  Anything outside of these levels throws off the balance and will cause the chemicals not to work optimally or sometimes even not at all.  If your pool water’s PH is too high or too low, the pool store clerk will give you the chemicals you need to either lower or increase your pool water PH and instruct you to do this first before you add any other chemicals or even chlorine to your pool.  You may even have to wait several hours or overnight before you can go to the next step.  A proper PH balance for your pool water is everything or you will accomplish nothing to clear up your water no matter how many chemicals you pour into your pool.

Just like the water in a pool, a proper PH balance means everything to your body for a well balanced environment to allow optimal functioning of your cells.  On a scale of 0 to 14, the optimal PH level for your body is 7.4 which is slightly more alkaline than acidic although these are typically in balance with each other.  The higher the PH, the more alkaline — the lower the PH, the more acidic.  You can check your PH level yourself with urine or saliva test strips available from any drugstore or large retail box store with drugstore items or even online.

I once read about a lab test where they took two Petrie dishes.  In the one dish they created an acidic environment and added live cancer cells to the dish.  In the other dish they created an alkaline or base environment and added the same amount of live cancer cells.  When they examined both dishes the next day they discovered that the cells in the acidic environment were thriving and growing and had even multiplied.  However, the cells in the alkaline environment were either dying or dead.

So if we consider the fact that cancer cells can only thrive and grow in an acidic environment with a body PH way below 7.4, then the answer seems very simple, doesn’t it?  All we would need to do is to bring the PH level back up to 7.4 and the ‘cancer’ cells can stop multiplying in survival mode and return to their normal operating mode.  At this point all the cancer symptoms should slowly start to fade and disappear as your body resumes normal operation.  This may take some time depending on how long the body has been in survival mode and repairs that need to be made.

If you went over to your friend’s house and noticed a fish bowl which dark, murky water in it, you might ask “What’s with the fishbowl?  I thought you had a fish.” and your friend responds “Oh, he’s in there but he’s sick. I need to take him to the vet to get an injection or something.”, your first reaction would be “Well, if he’s sick, then why don’t you change his water first before you take him to the vet?”  This would seem obvious, right?  But yet we do not apply the same logic to our bodies.

Do you see now why it does not make any sense to attack cancer cells with surgery, chemotherapy or radiation?  Wrong target.  The cells are not the problem — the environment that they are forced to survive in, is the problem.  In an article from 2011, 9 out of 10 oncologists would refuse chemotherapy if they were to be diagnosed with cancer.  In other words, if they were to contract cancer themselves, they would not take the same treatments as they are prescribing to their patients.  This is a pretty sad testimony from those ‘professionals’ who currently at street level ‘practice’ on cancer patients. 

Attacking replicating cancer cells and tumors with cut, burn and poison methods is quite barbaric and utterly useless as it attacks only the symptoms and does not address the underlying cause of the sudden replication.

One of the worst things you can possibly do is to take a biopsy of, or to operate on a tumor since you are cutting open the defense sack that is accumulating the cancer debris to contain and neutralize it and causing the now loosened debris to spread throughout the body.  This is what causes the cancer to metastasize through the bloodstream into other areas of the body by sending the survival alarm to all your other cells throughout the body.  

Think about this axiom: People do not necessarily die from cancer — they die from treatment of cancer.

Let’s get back to finding out what caused the body PH to lower to these acidic levels before we can then determine how to reverse this and naturally bring the PH level back up to within normal range.  Here are several causes:

  1. Fear – Most people fear the very word cancer.  That is why they are paranoid that they have major medical insurance and sometimes even supplemental cancer insurance to make sure that they are covered just in case they were to be diagnosed with cancer or any other dread disease.  Some are so afraid that they even will take on vegan or vegetarian lifestyles and add multiple nutritional supplements to their diet to “fight” cancer or other dread diseases as an imaginary enemy.  This fighting reminds me of the Man of La Mancha charging windmills imagining them to be ferocious giants.  The first thing that happens  when someone is diagnosed with cancer is that fear sets in and which can become so gripping and overwhelming to the point that any resistance that the body may have had to naturally correct itself, becomes defeated and depleted.  As one surrenders and throws themselves at the mercies of the self proclaimed, all-knowing medical experts, all hope is now placed into the hands of so called professionals who are always, and never will stop, practicing.
  2. Stress – According to Dr. Carolyn Leaf, stress is the the main cause of 75% to 95% of all illnesses.  This is includes toxic thoughts, depression and anxiety.  Just take a look at her How to Reduce Anxiety and Renew Your Mind video.
  3. Refined Sugar – This is the number one culprit food substance today which causes acidity in the body through inflammation (also a cause of clogged arteries and most other vascular diseases).  Refined sugar in all its forms tends to raise acidity and in moderation can easily be overcome by the body.  However, refined white sugar is not sugar.  The reason it is white is because it is bleached white with chlorine.  This chemical process now creates a substance which is no longer sugar chemically speaking.  It is now a new acidic compound that creates inflammation in the blood and decreases the body’s PH level.  High fructose corn syrup is another such culprit that causes inflammation and acidity.  Good alternatives are organic honey, organic cane sugar crystals, maple syrup, unsulphered molasses and natural sweetener alternatives such as Stevia, Monk Fruit and sugar alcohols (which are neither sugar nor alcohol) like xylitol (very good for your teeth), erythritol, maltitol, etc.  The only downside to sugar alcohol is that it can upset the stomach when you use too much and you will be running to the bathroom.  Do NOT use any artificial chemical sweeteners which are just poison to your body.
  4. Processed, Fried and GMO Foods – The saying that you are what you eat could apply here.  As contrasted to raw food like fruits and vegetables which are all alkaline, these processed foods are all acidic and lower the body’s PH level.  GMO food is a whole story on its own and has already been determined to cause cancer.  The Glyphosate used in GMO food production stays in the food and enters the blood stream and has already been ruled by the UN to be cancer causing.  Monsanto was not very happy about that.  Raw food is a great alkalizer to raise your PH level.  Foods like kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, celery and carrots can do wonders to alkalize your body.  Especially juicing these raw foods can provide immediate nutritional benefit directly to the gut where it is instantly absorbed by the digestive tract into the blood stream.  There are many testimonies of people who juiced their way to health and overcame many diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.  Citrus fruits are also excellent alkalizing fruits which seems contradictory because of its apparent acidity.  This is one exception because the acid of citrus fruit, especially lemons, is alkalizing to the body.  Eating whole organic lemons with the peel is one of the best ways to alkalize the body.  Just mix the whole lemon, with or without the pits, in a blender with any natural sweetener and water, or even better, with apple cider vinegar for tartness, add some ice and you have one super powerful alkalizing smoothie!  You can even add some baking soda but be careful of the foaming reaction of the vinegar and the baking soda that it does not explode out of the blender.  There are many articles on the web promoting baking soda and lemons as more powerful than any chemotherapy drug.  Barley Green(TM) or Green Magma(TM) is green powder made from young green barley leaves and also alkalizes the body.  ACV or Apple Cider Vinegar is also an excellent alkalizer.  You can put a small amount in a glass with a few teaspoons of natural sweetener for a great refreshing drink you can sip all day long.  Boron is another great alkalizing agent that can be purchased at your local grocery store in the laundry isle as Borax(TM) which is a naturally occurring compound of boron, oxygen, sodium and water and costs about $5 to $7 for a box that will last you for years.  Boron is a vital mineral that has been depleted from our food supply through chemical fertilizers.  It can heal bone and ligament issues (healed my wife’s heel spurs within days), which often is a boron deprivation issue, and prevents crystal formation from chemtrails which are suspect for creating Morgellons or fibrous strand growth inside the body that in severe cases protrude through the skin.  It is also known for decalcifying your pineal gland caused by fluoridation of the water.  Many benefits for very cheap.  Start out with a half or 1 TSP of Borax(TM) in a liter or quart glass bottle (ACV liter bottles work very well) and add a little bit to your coffee, tea, juice or ACV drink every day.  You can temporarily increase to 4 TSP per liter over time to treat a condition but it will also taste a bit soapy at that point which BTW is proof of it being a base or alkaline (soap = base).  See the info graphic below.  PS: FDA maximums are a guideline just like their guidelines for vitamins which are always very low and conservative and usually not very effective.  A great article with lots of information on Borax and dosage can be found here.
  5. Chlorinated & Fluoridated Water – Chlorine is known to create trihalomethanes which has been labeled as a cancer causing substance.  The opposite is distilled water which is alkaline and a good regimen to take to alkalize the body to bring down the PH level.  But don’t take it too long or more than 3 weeks straight as it is pretty harsh to your body and does not contain any minerals and has been said to even extract and flush minerals out of your body.  But it is a great tool for detoxification.  For everyday drinking a good water filter like the Berkey(TM) gravity Water Filter, which was rated as the best table top natural slow filter, goes a long way towards removing 99% of harmful chlorine and other chemicals like fluoride, from your drinking water.  Please realize that if you do not use a filter, then your body is the filter!  You can just imagine what garbage your body is filtering out of the water and retaining in your body.  Drinking plenty of pure water itself is a great alkalizer at about 7 PH so not only will it alkalize your body but also flush out toxins.
  6. Air Pollution – This is not easy to get away from but can be helped with a simple HEPA air filter or, what I like best, an ionic air filter in the environment where you spend the most time, like in the bedroom while you sleep.  The ions in an ionic air filter (ionizer) creates ozone or O3.  Normal oxygen is O2.  The extra particle binds itself to foreign particles and flushes them out of your body.
  7. Lack of daily Exercise – Get moving.  At the very least go outside and  walk.  If you have a step counter, 6,000 steps a day or about 3 miles a day is a good minimum goal.

The above list assumes that one is not on any kind of medication many of which today can actually cause acidity in the body.  But making the above changes should not interfere with any medication and only help to improve your body’s PH level and alkaline environment to help your body heal itself.

No medication can cure anything.  Only the body can cure itself.  Medications are typically to relieve any symptoms so that the body can focus on repairing itself.  Like putting a band-aid on a wound.

Let’s discuss a few natural cures, or home remedies if you will, to overcome the above and rebuild the body’s immunity and strengthen it for it to be able to start healing and repairing itself like it is designed to do.

One of the most powerful substances to alkalize the body is baking soda or as it is called by its chemical name, sodium bicarbonate and by its chemistry formula NaHCO3.  An Italian children’s doctor and oncologist, Dr. Tullio Simoncini, after praying to God to give him wisdom after seeing all of his little patients suffer so much, discovered that cancer was nothing more than a fungus and that when he injected a cancerous tumor with sodium bicarbonate, it would then shrivel up and die within 24 to 48 hours.  He was so excited about this that he called the press and started publishing his discovery.  You can imagine that the pharmaceutical companies did not appreciate this very much and vigorously had him prosecuted and his license removed.  He had to flee the country and where he is today no one really knows.  Anything that threatens their monopoly on medicines and cures is met with extremely aggressive opposition.  Dr. Simoncini’s many video testimonies are available online with a quick browser search of his name.  Below is one of them in 2 parts.  His book, Cancer is a Fungus, is now available in English and can be ordered on Amazon or on his websites at http://www.cancerisafungus.com/ and http://www.simoncinicancertherapy.com/

It would seem unfeasible or even dangerous to inject oneself with diluted baking soda with a hypodermic needle but a simple Internet search for baking soda cancer treatments will give you page after page of suggested dosages you can intake orally several times a day to alkalize your body.  What appears to be a safe dosage is one teaspoon a day which can be increased for advanced patients to 4 teaspoons a day spread out over the day and always diluted with water as it is much too harsh for the stomach to take in its pure form (do NOT put it in a capsule!).  Since it is baking soda after all, you may find yourself burping a bit as it reacts with the acid in your stomach (great relief agent for upset stomach from indigestion!).  But it would seem to be worth a few belches to get your PH level back up to where your body can return your cells to their normal function.  One protocol suggests to mix the baking soda with 3 parts maple syrup to one part baking soda as kind of a Trojan Horse to trick the cells, which feed on sugar, to take in the sugary baking soda substance and be destroyed from the inside out.  Very clever.  Be sure to heat the water first to dissolve the syrup and then let it cool down before adding the baking soda.  Especially effective for children since they may not like the water diluted baking soda taste and this would give them a sweet alternative.  If using maple syrup make sure you use the real thing and not the artificial kind.  One can also use molasses as an alternative or to switch flavors especially for children.  Just be sure to use unsulphured molasses. 

Baking soda also makes an excellent natural deodorant by simply mixing it with water and applying it underarm or sprinkle some in your socks for fresh smelling feet all day while your feet absorb it too.  Aluminum in regular deodorants with prolonged use have been blamed for causing dementia and Alzheimer disease.  You can even apply it dry by simply wetting the armpits or not drying them after a shower.  This technique is one more easy and effective way to get baking soda into your body on a daily basis by absorbing it through the skin.  I would suggest when starting out to dilute it with enough water to avoid it being too abrasive.  Your body may need to get used to this.  If you apply too much you may experience a rash and it might itch.  If so, just apply some coconut oil or Aloe Vera for a day or two and the rash will disappear.  Be sure to eat about a tablespoon of the coconut oil as well which is also a great alkalizer.  Combining coconut oil with baking soda makes a great toothpaste too and helps prevent gum disease.

If you are a coffee drinker, you can add a quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda to your cup of Java to make it taste creamier.

Another very powerful natural substance to build your body’s resistance back up and strengthen its immunity is liposomal vitamin C.  According to the dictionary the definition of liposome is:

    • a minute spherical sac of phospholipid molecules enclosing a water droplet, especially as formed artificially to carry drugs or other substances into the tissues.

This is vitamin C that is encapsulated in a fatty substance so that the vitamin C is not released until it is well into the digestive tract and can be directly absorbed by the intestines and enter the blood stream.  Just taking regular vitamin C tablets or pills loses a lot of its efficacy in the digestive process.  High quality liposomal vitamin C is readily available and can be easily ordered online and even at many nutritional retail stores.  The most effective type seems to be the one packaged just like the condiment packets (ketchup, mustard, etc.) you get with your fast food.  You can mix it with water or just suck it right out of the packet.  Lypo-Spheric® Vitamin C from LivOn Labs at livonlabs.com is an excellent product.  Simply typing this into your browser will give many testimonies of people healed of all kinds of diseases.

One more nutrient which we cannot miss here is vitamin D3 or the sunshine vitamin.  This is technically considered to be a hormone and not a vitamin since your body cannot produce it naturally.  Yes, you can supply your body with plenty of this vitamin for free simply by sitting in the sun for all least 20 minutes a day without sunscreen (coconut oil is a great natural sunscreen) and exposing the maximum amount of skin possible.  If not then it can easily be obtained in liquid or pill form.  Optimal daily intake should be at least 5,000 to 10,000 iu .  However, when the body’s immunity is low and with the purpose of overcoming a body’s depleted resistance, a regimen of 50,000 to 70,000 iu can be administered over several days without any risk of an overdose.  In my pre-healing ministry days, my wife and I have used this to literally knock out colds and flues in my family using this method.  Combine this with liposomal vitamin C and you have a natural one-two, knockout punch to almost any infectious attack.  My wife finds this Vitamin Shoppe(TM) brand to be the most effective.

Colloidal Silver is also excellent but expensive to purchase for the proper amounts to ingest to be effective.  Rather on Ebay or Amazon you can purchase a silver generator for about $150 to $300 and start making your own colloidal silver for pennies a batch.  Or if money is tight, use this simple method to make excellent quality colloidal silver from 99.9% silver coins with just a few 9 volt batteries.   You can use the same method to make colloidal zinc which has many healing properties especially against colds and flu.   You can order pure 99.99% zinc leads online.  You just need to run the generation for a longer period than for silver and until your colloidal zinc turns cloudy.  A safe amount of colloidal silver consumption should be 1 oz or 2 TBSP per day (a shot glass or children’s size medicine measuring cup) and may be increased temporarily to 4 oz or 8 TBSP spread out over the day if you are addressing an issue.  Same dosages may apply to colloidal Zinc.

Combine all of the above and you can overcome any ‘cancer’ attack purely by natural means.  There is no more need to fear or be afraid of the big C word.  However, this is not instant divine healing but purely using natural means and home remedies to prevent or correct a natural situation gone bad and will naturally take time to see results.

So, having established the above, we can safely conclude that ‘cancer’ is not really a disease in an of itself after all but rather a normal reaction of natural cells responding to their unnatural environment.  If you can change the cells’ environment, the cancer or abnormal and uncontrollable replication of cells stops and they resume their normal, programmed function.

So much for the natural side of things.  Let’s talk about the spiritual side.

When the doctor gives you an evil report, whose report do you believe?  The worldly doctor’s report who is still practicing or the report of the Lord who has forever established:

“Who hath believed our report?”  Isaiah 53:1

“…with his stripes we are healed.”  Isaiah 53:5

“…by whose stripes ye were healed. 1 Peter 2:24 (past tense because it is already done and is now a fact – Because you were healed by His stripes, you are healed.  But do you believe that you have received it as in Mark 11:24?)

Aggressive Cancer, just like any other illness, sickness or disease, is actually a demonic attack by the spirit of infirmity and falls under

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”  John 10:10

Allowing your body to become weak in its defense mechanism through fear and stress as we discussed above, gives the enemy an open door opportunity to attack it in the weakest area.  This is simply considered the law of sowing and reaping. 

Healing cancer spiritually is a 2 step process.

In Jesus we have all authority in earth to correct any situation here that is not “as it is in heaven” (Luke 10:19, John 14:12, 1 Peter 2:24).  This includes ‘cancer’ or whatever they want to call it.  It is really the spirit of cancer (infirmity) and of fear that we are attacking and casting them out by commanding them to get out in Jesus name and not to enter again (Mark 16:17&18).  This is what is described in definition #3 above and why I suggested earlier that all cancer falls into this definition of a “phenomenon perceived to be evil”.

Once this is accomplished, we command the body to be healed of any damage just as if we are commanding a broken bone or torn meniscus to be healed and to line up with the word of God.  Because we now know that the body is most likely acidic to have caused the unnatural growth of the ‘cancer’ cells, we can command all bodily cells to be healed and become alkaline again and function as they were designed and created to be.

In the natural world, most cancers treated with conventional therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation do nothing to eradicate the spirit of cancer or the spirit of fear.  They aggressively attack the symptoms but never address the root cause.  This is like putting duct tape over a baby’s mouth to stop it from crying for food and saying that it is cured from hunger. 

That is why most cancers that are declared cured, return with a vengeance within 2 to 5 years simply because the root cause of the cancer was never addressed or eradicated and the spirit of cancer never properly evicted. 

Also, there is no natural dietetic regimen prescribed by any physician or oncologist to help the body to regain and strengthen its self-defense mechanism leaving it open and prone to a repeat of the prior attack that seeks out weaknesses in the body to be exploited .

Spiritually speaking, when they declare someone cured of cancer it actually means that the symptoms in the natural have been temporarily overcome with excessive force to hide what had demonically manifested itself through weaknesses in the body’s self-defense mechanism and drive the demonic spirit back into its hiding place inside the body. 

When they say that the cancer came back, it is merely the spirit of cancer that has re-manifested itself and recreated the natural cancer symptoms in the body albeit many times spread to another location, which they call metastasize, since it was never properly evicted in the first place. 

When they say that cancer runs in the family, this really means that the spirit of cancer runs in the family and the siblings inherit the demon spirits from their parents and who in turn pass them on to their children like a demonic kind of family heirloom.  You cannot pass on cancer naturally through genetics.  This has been disproven here.

Genetic Cancer Theory Disproven

The enemy only has the ability to touch your body in the natural.  As a believer, he cannot touch your spirit but he can and will try to influence your soul to try to make you become your own worst enemy.  He does not have the authority to do this, only the ability.  Just like a criminal with a gun who has the ability to kill but not the authority to do so.  Yet he will hold the gun of fear to your head to try to coerce you to give in to his false intimidations like:

“You need to get this checked out, if you don’t do something, you could die!  Don’t take any chances, the doctors will know best what to do, your insurance will cover you!  Get good medical advice, the medical experts know best what to do!  They are the only ones who can help you!  What if you don’t do anything and it gets worse!  You need a doctor to prescribe you medicine, you have to have this surgery, you need this radiation, you need this chemotherapy or you could die!  Without medication you won’t get better!  Think of your spouse and your children, what if you die then you won’t be there for them?” 

Pathetic!  On and on the lies go nonstop to strike terror and fear into your heart and make you surrender to the world.  This shows that the spirit of fear is not you being fearful of your own accord but a literal spirit that is fearful of being cast out and putting its fear on you.  It throws all of these at you to see which one you will accept and then once you have accepted just one, he has an open door and then he gives you another one, and when you accept that one, he gives another one and so on and so forth until you are in total panic and he can take control.  Cast him out!  Be rid of him and trust in the Lord with your whole heart.

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”  James 4:7

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart;
and lean not unto thine own understanding.
In all thy ways acknowledge him,
and he shall direct thy paths.”  Proverbs 3:5-6

The reason they go in and carpet bomb a country first with overwhelming shock and awe show of force, is to purposefully scare the enemy into surrendering before having to commit feet on the ground and save foot soldiers.  This is the fear mongering tactics of the enemy to get you to give in.  But we are not unaware of his devices.

“Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.”  2 Corinthians 2:11

After ministering healing to someone of lung cancer which they contracted from smoking two packs a day, it would be quite foolish to expect the individual to keep their healing if they immediately went back to “sucking on them Camels” at their previous two packs a day as if nothing happened.  So why would we be so surprised that someone ‘lost their healing’ from any form of cancer if they immediately went back to the habits that may have caused their cells to start multiplying in survival mode in the first place?  Even Jesus said “Sin no more lest a worse thing come upon you.”  Purposely cutting off life giving oxygen to the body and depriving it of needed oxygen even in the natural world is considered asking for trouble.

As Curry Blake says “We can get them healed, but we can’t keep them healed if they don’t want to.”  We can exercise our faith and authority to get them healed, but it is going to take them walking in their own faith to walk in divine health.

The individual who was cured of cancer needs to renew their mind to discern how to honor their temple and not continue the habits that brought about the cancer in the first place.  The smoker who was healed of his lung cancer and now goes back to smoking his 2 packs a day, tempts God by knowingly defiling and destroying his body which is the temple of the Lord, and cannot stand on God’s promises for his own conscious will condemn him.  

1 Corinthians 3:16-17 tells us:

“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.”

The words defiled and destroy here are the same word in the Greek and which is translated as “to corrupt” in many other verses.  The idea here is that if someone is purposely doing those things which they know will, or have the potential to, destroy their body, especially if it is in a habit forming manner which surrenders the will to idol like worship of the abusive substance.

It is commonly accepted that the body is defiled by such things as excessive alcohol, habitual smoking and tobacco use, narcotics and other drugs as well as sexual sin which all destroy the body.  However, might we even add such things as prescription medication and excessive refined sugar consumption knowing what damage these can do to the body?  Just read the side effects of most prescription drugs and you will see that the side effect is often worse than the condition it is intended to cure.  The very word pharmaceutical come form the Greek word pharmakeia which literally means witchcraft.  From Thayer’s Greek Lexicon:


1) the use or the administering of drugs

2) poisoning

3) sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it

4) metaphorically the deceptions and seductions of idolatry

This is not to put condemnation on anyone currently on prescription medication but an encouragement to seek God’s healing to be rid of them and clean up the temple.  Excess refined sugar consumption, however is a choice, and can easily be overcome by changing what you choose to consume.  There are plenty of healthy alternatives that do not wreak havoc on the body like refined sugar does which is also the main cause of tooth decay from the inside out.

Yes, we are promised immunity from poisons if we drink any deadly thing in Mark 16:17 but this is one of the signs that follows the believers, not the unbelievers.  It also uses the big word “if” which would imply that it not be done deliberately.  And it is certainly not a promise when we tempt God since tempting God would be a sin and a sign of an unbeliever and not a believer.

What about standing on faith for your healing?  Diet and divine healing, although the improper use of the first can cause the need for the second, and proper use of the first can prevent and avoid the need for the second, are separate and distinct items.  We are talking about prevention and common sense here.  In 1 Timothy 5:23, Paul instructs Timothy “Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake and thine often infirmities.”  This is the same Paul who worked miracles among the churches, so much so, that cloths were taken from his body to heal the sick.  Was Paul not standing on faith for the healing of Timothy’s stomach and frequent infirmities?  No, he was simply giving Timothy dietetic advice to prevent his infirmities for most water came from cisterns in those days and apparently Timothy’s stomach could not handle this kind of perhaps dirty or harsh water very well.  There are many speculations why he did this and they don’t really matter in this discussion.  The fact remains that Paul who was not lesser than any of the other apostles did give Timothy such advice hereby giving us an example and providing full justification for us to do and follow the same and that this does not and should not hinder us standing on our faith for healing in any way, shape or form.  

“All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.”  1 Corinthians 10:23

Does that mean that if you use any natural means you are not standing on faith?  Not at all.  A believer has every right to use whatever means they see fit, both natural means as well as spiritual means to bring about healing, and to maintain and walk in divine health.  All is fair in love and war and this is war against an enemy who wants to steal, kill and destroy your life.  The believer has dominion and not the enemy.  The enemy is the one who has no right to attack the believer by any means whatsoever and the believer has every right and even the duty to expel the attacker.  The believer is only honoring their temple when supplying their body with wholesome natural foods, proper nutrition, whole food natural supplements, clean water and bodily exercise.  Again we are talking about prevention here to avoid the need for divine intervention.

“It is better to walk in divine health than to constantly need divine healing.”  Curry Blake

Let’s be very clear here.  If one prays for their own healing by commanding the spirit of cancer to go and then prays for their body to be restored, or is ministered hands on prayer by a another believer for the same, they should immediately feel manifestation of the healing taking effect in some form, i.e. they feel better, pain is gone, etc. 

However they can also be healed as they go or begin to amend from that hour.  If nothing is immediately noticeable, we still stand on the word that by His stripes we were healed (1 Peter 2:24) and we walk by faith and not by sight (or feelings).  Whatever we do in addition to this is to support our faith, not to replace it.  In other words, if we are prayed for and then we start taking liposomal vitamin C and D3 for the purpose of strengthening our body to build up our self-defense, we do not defeat our faith or our healing.  However, if we are prayed for and then say “Well, that didn’t work.  Let me see what else I can do to get healed.”, now we have wavered in our faith and defeated our own healing.  Do you see the difference?

Mark 11:23 tells us that we shall have whatsoever we say.  This means good or bad.  So watch the words that come out of your mouth very carefully.  Mark 11:24 says that whatever we ask in prayer, if we believe that we have [already] received it, we shall have it.  What are you believing?

What about children who are too young to understand how to stand in faith for their healing?  Since the child is the parent’s responsibility, it is the parent’s duty to take charge and take dominion and exercise their faith to command and effectuate their child’s healing.  But it is just as much their duty to take the child out of harm’s way by taking inventory what may have caused the infirmity or weakness of the body in the first place and adjust it where possible.  Imagine a child who climbs out of their bedroom window because there were no safety bars on the window to prevent them from doing so, and falls to the ground and breaks a bone.  The believer parent would run out and command healing in Jesus name and heal the child’s broken bone.  Once the child is healed, would they then let them continue to play by the unsafe window with the attitude of “No problem if they fall and break it again, I will just command it to be healed again.”  Of course not.  Next time they could have an even bigger problem on their hands like having to raise them from the dead.  Or instead, would they quickly install safety bars to prevent the child from falling again?  The latter option is the prudent one and has full biblical support.  In like manner, parents should discern their child’s eating habits to try to have them eat a proper diet to support divine health and to prevent the need for divine healing and intervention.  And if the child needs to build up its resistance to overcome a current attack, the parent has every right and complete dominion to apply whatever means they deem necessary or beneficial, both natural as well as spiritual, to help them to overcome the attacks on their child’s body and to support its healing.  As a parent myself, I have every right and would not hesitate to use every weapon available to me in a life and death struggle and demonic attack on my child, to vanquish the enemy at all costs.

What about weak believers who constantly need divine healing because they do not renew their mind or the spirit of their mind to walk in divine health or make any changes to their diet or their habits?  They will sow what they reap however, the scriptures do teach us to support the weak in faith and thanks be to Jesus, there is no limit to the number of times one may come for divine healing.  We are His sheep after all, even if we are dumb sheep, and He will and He does look after us like no other Shepherd and loves us like no other Father.  Hopefully, in due time, we will learn from all of His grace, to walk like we should.

What about believers who believe that all things are sanctified by His word and by our prayers as it says in 1 Tim 4:3-5?  The answer here is according to your faith so be it done unto you.  If you are walking around with cancer or other sicknesses in your body, then you either need to build yourself up on your most holy faith or sow healing in others so that you may reap healing in your own body.  You can start by building enough faith to apply Romans 8:11 as your divine prescription to get your own body healed by the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead and quickens (makes alive as opposed to makes dead like sickness does) your mortal (dying) body.

“But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.”  Romans 8:11

Mediate on that.

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5 thoughts on “What Is Cancer?”

  1. I just learned so much in reading this, very good read. I am certainly going to implement using vitamin C and D3 and limiting the sugar, to prevent any sickness from trying to even attack my body. Thank you


    1. Thanks, Michele. Glad you enjoyed it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I have updated a few things and added some graphics and videos for more clarity. You may want to take another look.


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