Healing and Spiritual Activity Captured On Video

Don’t worry.  This is not scary.  But it is amazing!

When Jamie prayed for Gail’s hip and back pain, she checked Gail’s legs and sure enough, one of them was shorter than the other.  So Jamie commanded the shorter leg to grow out in Jesus’ name and it did so until it was even with the other leg.  You can watch it grow in the video below.  This was her first time doing this and even she was amazed.

But something else happened during this miraculous healing which we did not see or realize at the time.  You see, one of our team members, Dave, had recorded the entire event.  I sent a copy of the recording to a friend who emailed me back that we had captured more on that video than I might have realized.  He gave me the marker points and told me to take another close look at it.  

When I did, I noticed that there were some type of orbs or spheres flying through the screens.  They weren’t dust or bugs or dirt on the lens.  They emitted light and had flight patterns.  This was extremely interesting and I was very curious as to what they could possibly be.  So I slowed down the video and froze it frame by frame to analyze.  I copied and pasted each frame of movement in a PowerPoint slideshow which you can view below.

To the best of our speculation, they are the very demons that caused her pain that were now being evicted.  Especially in the last slide you can see one of them coming out of Gail’s hip which Jamie had specifically prayed for.  If this is true then Luke 8:30 all of a sudden makes a lot more sense.  This is the verse about the legion of demons possessing the man in the Gadarenes.  A legion is about 6,000.  This would also prove that demons do not take up a whole lot of space.  Just imagine 6,000 of these light orbs inside of a man radiating their energies and what that could possibly do.

This might also help us to understand how demons could affect the human body.  If one or more or multiple of these orbs emit their energy radiation into any part of our body such as heart, brain, intestines, etc., it could be as if a cancer patient is being radiated with one or more of the three main types of radiation which are X-rays, gamma rays or charged particles to kill the cancer cells by damaging the cells’ DNA.

The biggest problem with radiation treatment is that it also kills healthy cells by damaging their DNA as well, since the radiation does not distinguish between healthy and unhealthy cells.  This is why radiation or any other treatments are ineffective to heal anyone because they never address the cause or the root of the problem being demonic attack.  They address the natural and never the spiritual.  They simply put a bandaid on the problem by alleviating the symptoms temporarily and declare that your are either “in remission” or “cured”.  The demons then have to regroup and work harder to recreate the original scenario which doctors call “recurrence” or “relapse” and claim that the cancer “came back”.  The medical establishment will readily admit that they cannot keep cancer from recurring.  As such they cannot really “cure” any cancer at all.

Demons appear to behave more like protons than photons in the fact that photons leave energy deposits in small pockets all along their path to their destination where photons deposit most of their energy at the end of their path and deposit less along their way.  However, they could possibly behave as both which could explain multiple symptoms to accompany the main problem.

This could also explain epilepsy in that if enough of these orbs are concentrated on the nervous system, it could cause a seizure.  They appear to work together.  In one scene in the video, four of them are coming out from the lower left side of the screen successively as if in formation and like a display of fireworks.

Regardless of how they behave or operate, they all must bow to the name of Jesus, and get out of the individual when commanded to do so.  This video gives us a visual of what this may look like when we pray (command) over someone or over ourselves.

We are not our bodies.  We are spirit.  We have a soul and we live in a body.  Therefore we can speak to our body and command it to obey.  The demons must obey and leave and the body must obey and be healed from the damage done and be restored.  The energy being exercised by these demons is never as powerful as the energy and dynamic power of the Holy Spirit performing His operation in the power and authority of the name of Jesus by our faith in Jesus name.

According to our faith so be it unto us.

Watch the video here:

Watch the frame-by-frame PowerPoint slide show and analysis here:


Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


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