Instantly Healed Of Pain In Her Hip

We were in New York City ministering to people on the streets.

Walking Cane.pngA woman was walking with difficulty with a cane.  I approached her and said: “Excuse me.  I noticed your cane.  I’m a minister and I pray for people and God heals them.  Can I pray for you?”

“Okay.” was her response.  I introduced myself and she told me her name was May.  “Okay, May, what can I pray for for you?  What’s the cane for?” I inquired.  “My hip.” she responded, “I have a problem with my hip.  It hurts.”

I asked her if I could place my hand on her hip and she agreed.  After commanding the pain to go and for her hip to be healed in Jesus name, I instructed her to check it out and do what she could not do before.  She moved it around and quickly discovered that she was instantly healed.  Praise Jesus!

As I watched her walking off and crossing the street with her cane in her hand, all of sudden I remembered the video camera and realized that I had completely forgot to record this or even to ask her for her testimony!  So I quickly started filming some footage of her walking away cane in hand.

In the photo above and in the video clip below you can briefly see her (grey hat, brown coat, lighter brown skirt and black backpack) no longer using her cane but instead holding her cane up as she walks away.

Thank you, Jesus!


Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


All rights reserved.  ©  2016

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