Legs Grow!

This is probably the fastest leg growth on video!  Note the difference in length between each of the legs where the left leg at the top of the video is about 1 inch shorter than the right leg. 

It was performed at a Curry Blake DHT healing service by a husband on his wife.  Their kids are so excited that they were squealing wanting daddy to do it to them too! 

Having fun in Jesus!

Watch the sock!

Some may claim this is fake and that the leg is being manipulated by being pulled forward.  But watch the sock closely and you will see that the sock is moving forward with the growing of the left leg and the pants stay perfectly in place where they are.  If the leg was being pulled out, then the pants would be moving with it.  But not here!  The left leg is actually growing a full inch to come even with the right leg by the husband’s command: “Left leg, GROW!”

Check out this example of a fake leg lengthening trick performed by a so-called healer and a charlatan.  All they are doing is moving the shoe to make it appear as if they are lengthening a leg.  Notice that in this example the sock and pants stay in place and only the shoe is moved.


In the video below you can clearly see the sock move with the growth of the leg.

Do you have any idea of what it would take to lengthen a person’s leg in the regular world?  Just do a search for “leg lengthening” and you will see that it takes months and a brace with clamps and a lot of pain to lengthen a leg just a little bit.  But in Jesus’ world, it only takes a command without any pain and in maybe one minute.  And it comes with a lot of fun doing it.

Video comments:

Husband grows out his wife’s legs. In this video her right leg is longer, well her feet had just been even but they kept praying and this happened! Lol praise Jesus for our dominion.

Link to Video (would not allow to be embedded)

Leg Grow

Praise Jesus!

Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


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2 thoughts on “Legs Grow!”

  1. YES this is the real deal we teach this method in our healing ministry. The technique was (to the best of my knowledge please correct) made popular by Frances and Charles Hunter. There are many wonderful videos on this holy phenomena on YouTube. Search Hunters healing ministry to learn this method.
    Bring glory to God through the ministry of healing amen!
    rev john


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