Recreated Arm – Abigail’s Testimony

barbaraI would like to share with you an amazing testimony of a girl born with half an arm. 

Her name is Abigail.

Her mother, Barbara, took her to a Curry Blake event to be prayed for.  Abigail stood in a healing line waiting for prayer and when it was her turn, Curry Blake said “Well, what can I do for you?”

She whipped the half of her right arm around to show him her stump.

“OK.  No problem.” Curry said and laid his hands on her arm and prayed.  He cast out the spirit of infirmity in Jesus name and commanded her arm to grow out and be completely made whole.

The very next day, when they measured it, her arm had grown 5 cm (2 inches). 

Then while in school she had put her arm on the table and started feeling a tingling sensation in her arm again.  When she felt her arm, she could actually feel her bones moving.  She could also hear her arm making growing sounds like a funny noise. 

A year prior Abigail had had an accident and an X-ray was taken showing that the 2 bones beyond the elbow were fused together into one.

Now she and her mom could feel that the fusion had separated.  They could actually feel the two separate bones in her arm.

Watch Barbara’s testimony of Abigail’s healing here:

To learn more about Curry Blake, please visit or visit our Curry Blake Library.

Franciscus M. Dartee

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