A New Person

James came to one of our meetings and was in need of prayer for his tooth and infection of the surrounding gum in his mouth, his left knee from a previous arthroscopy, joint issues, right shoulder nerve damage from old football injury, lower back and both hips from scoliosis, arthritis from a diving accident injury, and soreness and tenderness in his back.  

We prayed for him and resolved almost all of his issues.  But for his knee, we let Ginny pray for him and his knee was instantly healed.  James received a new shoulder, a new back and a new knee, all in about 10 minutes.

Ginny had been brought to our meeting twice before with pain in her back, her knees and her calves.  When we prayed with her both times before, the pain vanished and she left our house pain free.  Now she was back for a third time and with the same complaints as bad as ever.

When she asked for prayer, I refused and told her that I was going to let her pray for herself instead.  I instructed her to put her hand on her back where the pain was and told her to repeat after me.  She commanded all the pain to go and her back to be healed in Jesus’ name.  Then I told her to check it out and do what she could not do before.  She did and the pain was gone.

We did the same with her knees and her calves and she was completely set free of all of her pain by her own hand in Jesus’ name.  We instructed her that next time the enemy tries to attack her, she can do the same thing she did tonight for herself so she will no longer need to come back for prayer.

With healing, it is always better to get it direct yourself from God rather than to have someone else get it for you.  This way the enemy know that you know how to defeat him and destroy his works.  It will make him think twice before wasting his time on you.  Why would he bother when he knows that you are only going to tear down the works he is trying to establish?  There are plenty more defenseless victims out there that he can target and who will go down easily.  Remember, his time is short.

It was after Ginny had completely healed herself in Jesus’ name that we had her pray for James’ knee.  She laid her hand in his knee, commanded the pain to go and for a new knee.  He checked it out and it was completely healed.

This was not only the first time that Ginny had ever prayed and healed herself but it was also the very first time that she had ever healed someone else.  We told her that if she could heal herself and James, that she could also heal anyone else she comes across that is in need of healing.  She was a bit timid but slowly started to realize that this was true.  We explained to her that she is simply stretching forth God’s hand for healing so that signs and wonder may occur in Jesus’ name.

By stretching forth thine hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by the name of thy holy child Jesus.  Acts 4:30

You can watch the video of James’ testimony here:


Franciscus M. Dartee

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