Jesus Heals Jains

jainAnand, one of our team members, called me on a Monday and asked me if he could bring over his neighbor and parents for healing.  He explained that they were Jains who practice Jainism, a religion that to us appears similar to Hinduism but yet is very different and quite popular in India.  I told him that would be fine and he brought them over the next day.

They were extremely nice and polite people and we had a wonderful time in conversation.  However, after talking a bit, I noticed that the mother was restless and in discomfort.  So I suggested we pray for her and relieve her of her pain first, then we could continue our discussion.  They agreed and I asked her what her condition was.  

She had a problem with her spinal disks L4 and L5 which were out of line and causing her severed back pain.  She was actually scheduled for an epidural procedure for which she had a scheduled appointment at the hospital the very next day.  She also had pain in both knees and a nerve pain shooting down her left leg.

“All right, let’s start with your back.” I said and asked her to stand up.  This apparently was a real problem.  She took a long time to get up out of the couch and did it with much difficulty.  Once she was standing, I asked her to point out exactly where the pain was.  When she did I placed my hand on her back in the very spot.  Next I commanded the spirit of infirmity and all pain to leave her in Jesus name and the L4 and L5 to move back into place where they belonged.  I commanded her back to be healed and made whole.

“Now do what you could not do before.” I coached her.  She started twisting her back and said it felt better.  However, she said some pain was still there.  I asked her if she could bend over and touch her toes.  She tried and stopped halfway because if was too painful.  I commanded the pain to obey and leave her now in Jesus name.  Then I instructed her to touch her toes again.  She bent over much further than before until it was too painful and came back up.  I continued to coach her “Now do it again.  This is called the working of miracles.”  This time she bent all the way down, came back up and said it was better.  I asked her if all the pain was gone and she smiled at me, nodded her head and said yes, all the pain was gone.

“Praise Jesus!” I said loudly, “Now let’s fix the rest.”  I laid my hands on both her knees and commanded all the pain to go and for her knees to be healed in Jesus name.  Then again I instructed her to do what she could not do before.  She moved her knees around and sure enough all the pain was gone.  Then we addressed the hip pain and it too left her immediately.

“OK, you had a hard time getting up from the couch so now I want you to go sit down and get up again and you will have no problem.”  She sat down and hesitantly started to get up but when she noticed there was no pain or resistance, she surprised herself when she was able to easily get up from the couch and her face broke out in a big smile.

I asked her if there was anything else and she shook her head no as she sat back down again.  But Anand piped up and said that she also had 30% documented hearing loss in her one ear.  “Oh, then we’re not done yet.  Come on back up here.”

She stood back up and I placed my hand over her left ear and commanded it to open and her hearing to be restored in Jesus name.  I snapped my fingers and she said it still sounded like she was in a tunnel.  Again, I laid my hand over her ear and commanded it to obey the word that was spoken, to bow to Jesus and for her hearing to be completely restored 100%.  I snapped my fingers again several times and suddenly with a great big smile she said she could hear again.

Next I looked at her husband and asked him if there was anything I could pray for him for.  It turned out that he had pain in his knees also and he had diabetes.  “Oh, that’s nothing!”  I casually proclaimed to which the son instantly responded by blurting out in astonishment “That’s nothing?”  I looked at him and asked him “Is there anything too difficult for Jesus?”  He looked at me, pushed himself back into the couch and said “Apparently not!”  The expression on his face and his whole demeanor just shouted out: “Well, let the show begin!”

So I asked his father to get up and I laid my hands on both his knees.  I commanded the pain to go and the knees to be healed in Jesus name.  When he moved his knees around to try to find the pain, it was gone instantly out of both knees.  Next I placed my hand on his chest and commanded the spirit of diabetes to bow its knee to Jesus and leave him and for his blood sugar to normalize.  I told him to check it out and let me know.

Next I asked the son if he had anything I could pray for.  He said no and that whatever he did have, was minor compared to his parents.  Firmly, I told him that no pain or sickness was allowed in this house.  He then agreed to let me pray for him.  He shared that his knee was causing him some minor pain when he bent his leg.  I commanded the pain to go and for him to do what could not do before.  After a bit of back and forth bending, the pain left him.

As he sat down, he asked if he could ask for prayer for something that was a bit vain.  It turned out that his hair was thinning on top and he wondered if it would be vain to ask for healing for such a thing.  I assured him that it was not because Jesus came that we may have life and that more abundantly and that according to his faith it would be done to him.  So I laid my hand on his head and commanded his head and scalp to be healed and his hair growth to return to normal.

The rest of the time we spent discussing the gospel.  The son knew the bible, so he claimed.  He said that had read it.  I went over a very basic salvation message and explained John 3:16, 17 and 18.  His big question was whether the pain and sickness could come back.  I told him yes and no.  No, because it was cast out and therefore could not come back and yes, according to his understanding, if any of the symptoms recurred.  However, I explained that this would be a new attack of similar symptoms (familiar spirits) and not the old symptoms returning.

“How can one protect oneself?” was the question.  I was careful to explain that being in Christ was the protection and the power over the demonic realm.  However, I did not want to “sell” him on Jesus as health insurance or simply as protection from future attacks.  His and his parent’s healings were the evidence that Jesus is Lord over all.  I encouraged him and them to consider surrendering their lives to Jesus so that they too could be sons of the most high God.  And until such time that they are ready, they could always knock on Anand’s door or mine for healing.

They now believe that Jesus is real and say that they believe in Jesus but are not yet willing to take the next step to be born again.  Only the love of Jesus and the persistence and conviction fo the Holy Spirit will eventually win them over.

The very next day, I received the following email from Anand:

Hi Frank,

Palak’s parents are doing fine as of now. In fact his mother has cancelled the hosp visit!! His Dad’s sugar was fine in the morning.

Praise the Lord.



Franciscus M. Dartee

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