Spiritual Fireworks

My wife and I were invited to come watch the fireworks over the lake at our friends’ house for the fourth of July.  It turned out to be a fellowship of believers of a local church we attend.

We came to find out that unfortunately the fireworks were canceled due to the weather conditions.  Thunder and lightning storms were in the forecast and sure enough, as we sat on the porch enjoying the vista of the lake, it started pouring and we all quickly retreated indoors.

My wife was chatting up a storm inside with some of the women and I just happened to be standing by two other ladies I had never met before, Gayle and Elizabeth.  We started talking about dogs and cats and showing each other pictures of our pets.  Then we switched to discussing different religions when Gayle asked if we could sit down because her back was hurting her.  I asked her where it hurt and she said “Right here.” while she took my hand and pressed it right onto the spot after I had offered to pray for her.  

I commanded the pain to go in Jesus name and for her back to be healed.  When I told her to do what she could not do before she just stood there and said that it still feels the same.  I prayed again and repeated my previous instruction to her.  She said she could do everyone but that it still hurt.  I asked if she could touch her toes which she promptly began to show me that she could.  As we moved towards the sitting area she all of a sudden said “You know, it does feel better!”  I said “See!  Jesus heals right away.”  She just needed to activate it by bending down and touching her toes.  This is the missing part in most healings when people do not experience an instant healing right away.  I call it “the working of miracles”.

Well, we had a wonderful discussion about end times eschatology and in a roundabout way came to the topic of bodily healing.  After sharing several scriptures and some testimonies, Elizabeth asked me “Can you heal Edna’s arthritis in her shoulder and arm?”  Edna had joined us and was intently listening to our conversation.

I responded “No, I can’t but Jesus can!”  “But can you pray for her right now?” she continued.  “Of course I can!” I responded as I got up.  “Better yet, would anybody here like to learn how to do this?” I asked the ladies.  Elizabeth eagerly got up and said “I think I know how to do this!”  “Go ahead.” I said “Just put your hand right on her shoulder.”

Elizabeth stepped up to the plate and literally knocked it out of the park.  She started slowly by commanding the pain to go in the name of Jesus, for the arthritis to go and for the shoulder to be healed.  I added a few items but she did most of the praying.  “Now Edna, do what you could not do before.” I coached her.  She slowly lifted up her arm.  “Try to find the pain.” I told her as she moved it around.  Suddenly tears began to well up in her eyes when he realized that the pain was gone.  Jesus had just healed her and instantly taken all her pain away.  She was quite overwhelmed and praised Jesus for healing her.

I turned to Elizabeth and explained “Now this is true discipleship.  You just healed your first candidate.  Now you can teach others to do the same.”  She nodded her head as she was in full agreement.

The fireworks may have been cancelled outside, but we enjoyed the spiritual fireworks that happened inside even more.


Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


 All rights reserved.  ©  2016

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