So You Want Documented Proof?

I just received this testimony from Cornelius, a brother in the Lord,  with his permission to share it along with the eye doctor’s documented report that his eyes are completely healed and that he no longer needs corrective lenses or any glasses at all.

Cornelius shared with me that the doctor was actually a bit upset that he would not not need cataract surgery on the other eye.  I know times are tough but she could at least have been happy for him.  I guess she was not happy that she had just she lost another customer. 

O, well.  Then she should not complete with Dr. Jesus, the Great Physician, right?  Here is Cornelius’ testimony:

April 14, 2021

Peace Brother Frank,

This is a brief explanation of the medical report dated 4/5/21.

The surgeon that performed a cataract procedure on my left eye two years ago required a follow-up examination.  The operation was a success but I still had to wear glasses for driving.

In February of this year I began to get headaches and blurred vision in both eyes while wearing glasses.  Not long before I started to pray for and command total healing from my head to toe.  I only needed glasses for my driving but I noticed when I didn’t wear them the headaches and blurred vision would leave.  So I stopped wearing the glasses.   When I had my eyes examined by the doctor she noticed  the marked improvement from 2 years ago and told me I no longer had to wear glasses at all.

The two page report I sent is a testimony of the power of God’s healing power.

Praise the Lord, thank you Jesus!!


Cornelius M.

Here is the 2 page medical report:

Notice it says: “Vision checked without glasses.  Does not need glasses for driving.”








Franciscus M. Dartee

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