Cynthia’s Incredible Testimony


Cynthia, a pastor of a church in South Jersey, called me in a panic. 

Her fiancé had a contract job in Poland where he was viscously attacked in a kidnapping attempt.  He was stabbed with a knife in his hand and in his stomach and hit over the head knocking him unconscious.

He was rushed to a hospital and the doctors gave him a few days to live and offered little in the way of hope for recovery.  This was the text transcript of her first call with some transcription errors and correction in brackets and redacting her last name and phone number:

"Hi there, This is Cynthia XXXXXX. I know you remember me. I have a situation that a friend of mine was stay up [stabbed] in Poland and not expected to live. I need urgent prayer. I need urgent. I see. I'm standing as much as I know the [to] stand. I have quoted scriptures. I need you, I need to borrow your face [faith] I need you to stand with me that he shall not die but live. And that's what I'm declaring. My phone number is (XXX) XXX XXXX. My phone number used to be uh  (XXX) XXX XXXX. That you you would know me by that number, but it's changed to  (XXX) XXX XXXX. Thank you. So very much. Bye. Bye." - June 6, 2022 @ 2:52 PM.

I called her back and she was beside herself and I had the privilege like Jesus did on the widow of Nain, to have compassion on her.  In Jesus name we commanded him to be healed and she agreed.  Every time she mentioned something else that had happened to him, we commanded again and she agreed, 3 times total.  Like she had not told me that he was in a coma until later in the call, so we attacked that right away when she mentioned it and commanded him to wake up and get up.  Then she said that they told him he needed a blood transfusion so we commanded his blood cells to multiply and cancelled the need for a transfusion.

She texted me the next night and said:

Good evening, I called you about Jerry. They only giving him couple of days. Frank, I am standing . I can't handle this. Please I can't let him die.. I can't let him die .. June 7, 2022 @ 9:55 PM.

My response…

I am standing with you.  In Jesus name Jerry shall live and not die.

Her response back…

Satan wants to take him out because he does good for the Kingdom.

My reply…

Well he can't have him.

Her reply…


Before I went to sleep, I blasted it one more time and agreed with God that His word is true and we are doing His will exactly as it is written in His word and that He honors His word.   I thanked Him for healing Jerry and I went to bed and slept peacefully that night.

When I woke up the next day and turned my phone on, this was the very first message I received:

Frank Jerry is alive. He's texting me. He had tube in his stomach to feed him. Thank you for standing with me

Good morning,

You now how I was last night. I'm so grateful for you and Jesus.

Now he's texting the dr said if doesn't get a blood transfusion he'll have heart attack and be paralyzed. The devil is really crafted [crafty]. The drs are bomb [bombarding him] with unbelief. Just an update.

My response…

Praise Jesus! To Him goes all the glory.

Her response…

Amen and amen

Amen, hallelujah

I invited her to come on our Life Team training call that evening if she would like to share her testimony which she did.  Here it is…

Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


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