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The Baptism of the Holy Ghost – Part 2

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Mind Renewal

When dealing with the mind, the Body of Christ has often fallen into one of two ditches. One ditch is to make everything about Christianity into an intellectual or academic endeavor, the other ditch is to over spiritualize everything.

The church has almost completely ignored the plain scriptural commands to dealing with our mind. The Scriptures are abundantly clear…

The ONLY way to life transformation is through the RENEWING of our MIND!  Yet, a vast majority of Christians are led to believe that their lives can be changed by prayer, by fasting, by receiving a “blessing” from a “man of God.”

In this TRAINING seminar, Curry Blake will reveal not only the command to renew your mind but also TRAIN you how to renew your mind in every area of your life.  In this TRAINING seminar the following will be covered:

  • The reality of “The Mind of Christ”
  • The Mind of Man: Before the Fall, After the Fall, and After Redemption
  • How the Brain Works and it’s Connection to “The Mind”
  • How Mediocrity and Genius are Simply One Thought Away
  • How to Use Your Mind the Way God Intended You To
  • How to Train Your Mind to Think God’s Thoughts
  • Why Most People Don’t Experience God’s Blessings…
  • And How to Change

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Divine Healing Technician Training

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How do I become a Certified DHT? 

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*** Outreach Announcement ***

Outreach @ Meadowlands Flea Market, Secaucus, NJ!  We will meetup in front of the Office trailer and Restrooms on the west side of the parking lot between lot # J5 and # J9.  Bring a friend to be kick-started and exercise your faith to move mountains and set the prisoners free.  See you there. For website & directions: Meadowlands Flea Market, Secaucus, NJ

How do I become a Certified DHT? 

1. Watch the complete DHTT (Divine Healing Technician Training) seminar here.

2. Sign up to become a CDHT here.

3. Start healing people and report your progress for 3 months in a row here

4. Report your progress and apply for your DHT Certification here.

By the stripes of Jesus you are already healed!

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