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The Power of Psalm 91

Angel Franz_von_StuckHere is a testimony from a brother warrior on the front lines ministering healing and discipling believers in India.   The English is a bit off but I did not want to change or correct it so you would have the whole spirit of the message.

Psalm 91 is a powerful psalm as earlier testified to here. Read it…memorize it…walk in it.  It is God’s personal written promise to you of His divine protection and sure deliverance.


Continue reading The Power of Psalm 91

The Power Of God Against Hypnotism

By John G. Lake


In the Johannesburg Tabernacle, at a Sunday evening service about a year ago, God instantly healed a lame girl. She came from Germiston. She had been suffering for three-and-a-half years from what the doctors said was either an extreme case of rheumatism or the first stage of hip disease. She was not able to get up the steps without assistance when she came to the platform to be prayed for.

They asked her, “How long have you been sick?” She said, “For three-and-a-half years.” “Have the doctors treated you?” “Yes; for two-and-a-half years, and then they gave me up.” “Who has been treating you for the last year?” “A hypnotist.” Just then, a well-known hypnotist arose in the audience and moved forward and took the front seat.   Continue reading The Power Of God Against Hypnotism

Jen Gets A Thumbs Up


Jen asked David for prayer for situations at her work that she believed she had no control over.

After David prayed for her, he also made Jen ‘s right thumb grow out bigger than her left thumb to demonstrate God’s power within us working through us.

This was to prove to Jen that God has given us power to change our circumstances by “calling those things which be not as though they were” – Romans 4:17.

Watch it happen here: Continue reading Jen Gets A Thumbs Up

Corrected Link to New Free Book


Because Of Your UnbeliefMy sincerest apologies to all who have tried to download this new book and were unsuccessful.  A faulty link was the culprit and which has been corrected.

Here is the correct link to Because Of Your Unbelief

Please download for free and enjoy!

Also, please feel free to share.


Franciscus M. Dartee

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Questions for Catholics

catholicHaving been born a Roman Catholic, raised by a father who had studied to be a Jesuit priest but did not complete his studies, and having studied Catholicism in depth before coming to the realization that RC doctrine did not line up with scripture and even contradicted it, I “came out of her” as per Revelations 18:4.

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.  Revelation 18:4

My questions for most Catholics I minister to today is simply this:

When you die as a Catholic, where will you go?   Continue reading Questions for Catholics

Woman Says God Sent Angels To Heal Her

Blanca was walking around the flea market with a cane.

When we approached her and offered to pray, she said that her knees were in pain. We commanded the pain to go and for her knees to be healed in Jesus name. Then we instructed her to do what she could not do before.   Continue reading Woman Says God Sent Angels To Heal Her

Crushed Leg Instantly Healed

We met Wilkins at the flea market and could not help but notice the contraption on his leg.

When we approached him, he said that he was in a lot of pain. He had had a bad car accident that crushed his left leg.  We prayed commanding all pain to go and for his leg to be healed and made whole in Jesus name.  Then we instructed him to do what he could not do before.   Continue reading Crushed Leg Instantly Healed

Back Instantly Healed

Andrea is one of our newest Team Members.

This was her first time coming out to the Meadowlands Flea Market with us where she performed several healings.  Toward the end of the day she mentioned that she was feeling some back pain herself and asked for prayer.

So we placed one hand on her back and commanded the pain to go and told her to do what she could not do before.   Continue reading Back Instantly Healed

It Is Written!

One of the most powerful weapons we have in our arsenal, is the word of God.  This is the sword in our armor, the sword of the spirit which is the word of God.

And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:  Ephesians 6:17

Jesus knew this very well and used this weapon Himself three times on Satan when he tempted Him in the desert at His weakest moment being hungry after 40 days of fasting, telling his enemy, “It is written…“.  This is recorded for us in the gospels of Matthew and Luke.   Continue reading It Is Written!

7 Year Old Girl Raised From The Dead

Rebekah.jpgToday I would like to share with you the amazing story of how Curry Blake raised his daughter Rebekah from the dead.

Over the years, God has done many wonderful things in the Blake’s lives. Below are just a few of them.

Curry’s father, Johny F. Blake, has been a Police Officer, Narcotics Detective, Chief of Police, and an Internal Affairs Officer with The State of Texas Department of Corrections.

Today, Curry’s father is a saved, spirit-filled, man of God.

Curry Relates Some Family Miracles:   Continue reading 7 Year Old Girl Raised From The Dead

Thumb’s Up…Thumb’s Down!

David HobdayDave Hobday, one of our veteran team members, over Skype trains new members Chino to grow out Gigi’s left thumb and then shrink it back down again.

Having fun with the power that is in us!   This can be used as a testimony and a witness to those who do not believe if they do not need healing.

Watch it here:   Continue reading Thumb’s Up…Thumb’s Down!

New Book: Because Of Your Unbelief

Introducing the new book based on the recent series Because Of Your Unbelief.  This book is available for download here at no cost.  Please share it with your friends and family.

Because Of Your Unbelief
Because Of Your Unbelief – By Franciscus M. Dartee

Some of Jesus’ harshest words were for unbelievers.  Many are shocked to see in black and white what scathing words Jesus used against the scribes and Pharisees, calling them exactly what they were; liars, hypocrites, blind guides, fools, evil, full of extortion and excess, full of hypocrisy and iniquity, the children of them which killed the prophets, serpents, brood and generation of vipers, white washed walls, whited sepulchers full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness, sons of hell and of their father the devil, murderers, blasphemers, an evil and adulterous generation.  His most fearsome accusation against them was,   Continue reading New Book: Because Of Your Unbelief

Jesus Heals Lyme Disease

Liz was attacked by the spirit of lyme disease about a year ago and had another recent bad attack.  Her friend Karen was so concerned for her that she texted me on the day we were hosting our weekly Life Team training session.   Continue reading Jesus Heals Lyme Disease

Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 10 & Conclusion

Holy Ghost Fillling StationSo how do we not waver in our faith and give unbelief the boot?  By forgetting about self and dying to self and recognizing that the source of every bit of our power is Jesus and looking unto Him alone.  We have died and He has raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus: (Ephesians 2:6)

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.  Galatians 2:20   Continue reading Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 10 & Conclusion

Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 9

Continued from Part 8

jesus-1This was not some unique kind of demon that needed special prayer and fasting attention or otherwise it would not obey the name of Jesus.  No, every demon no matter their rank or status in hell, is subject to Jesus and to us in His name without exception.  They are all of their father the devil and must bow the knee when commanded to do so.  Even Satan himself is subject to Jesus’ authority.   Continue reading Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 9

Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 8

Pharisees.jpgContinued from Part 7

So fasting was not the issue here.  Unbelief was.  So now back to the question, what caused the disciples to suddenly operate in unbelief where they had already operated successfully in full belief before?  Remember we explained earlier that the opposite of faith was unfaith or the absence of faith?

Actually one of the causes of this absence of faith is the absence of correct doctrine.  How can one have correct faith when their underlying doctrine is in error?   They had been fed on man made doctrines and religion all their lives.  And who taught them these doctrines?  The scribes!   Continue reading Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 8

Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 7

sacred-cowContinued from Part 6

So what caused these disciples to all of a sudden waiver in their faith to the point of not being able to speak and perform in faith and full authority as they had already done before?  Could it be that they had not fasted enough?  This is often cited as a prerequisite and/or excuse as to why a demon is not cast out or someone is not healed.  After all, is this not what Jesus said that “Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.“?   Continue reading Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 7

Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 6

Faith as a Mustard SeedContinued from Part 5

Jesus was not only the Son of God but He was also the express image of the Father.  He said, “If you have seen me then you have seen the Father.”  Therefore everything that Jesus spoke was the Father’s will for His people.  It was never the Father’s will that His creation be enslaved and oppressed.  And this was at the core of His message which He spoke through Jesus, announcing the acceptable year of the liberation of His people.   Continue reading Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 6

Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 5

Adam_and_EveContinued from Part 4

Jesus came as the last Adam to restore the dominion of the earth back to man which the first Adam had given away to the enemy by his disobedience.   This dominion, that was originally theirs, is what Jesus was trying to instill in the people every opportunity He had.  Like a long lost and forgotten inheritance that rightfully belonged to them.  This is why He told them that according to their faith so be it unto them.  What was their faith?  What did they believe?  That they had power with God?  Not quite.  They believed that they were powerless and subject to the oppression of the enemy.   Continue reading Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 5

Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 4

FaithContinued from Part 3

All of a sudden Jesus appeared on the scene and boy were the disciples glad to see Him, they ran to Him together with all the people.

And straightway all the people, when they beheld him, were greatly amazed, and running to him saluted him.  Mark 9:15

Jesus was very perceptive to the whole situation that was going on.

And he asked the scribes, What question ye with them? Mark 9:16

Notice that He asked the scribes, not His disciples, what they were questioning them about.  He knew the evil that was in their hearts.  Also notice that the scribes would not answer Him back but kept silent as if they had been caught in the act of talking about Him behind His back.  Almost like when you step into a room, and everyone suddenly stops talking and you get that awkward feeling that they were all just talking about you.   Continue reading Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 4

Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 2


Shona witch doctor Zimbabwe

Continued from Part 1

Not so, in third world countries where demons dominate out in the open through witchcraft and in your face physical manifestations. Just ask anyone from a third world country if they believe that demons are real and you will get a resounding “Oh, Yes!”

Why this difference between the two hemispheres? Could it be because of our ‘pride of life’?  In our western culture we have plenty of luxury and distractions, most of which are electronic, to keep us busy and it is not considered as sophisticated for us to believe in superstitions such as demons and witchcraft.

It is appalling to see how many people watch horror movies completely dulling their senses and discernment of the spiritual and fluff it off as it just being fantasy and not real anyway.  Or how we teach our children to celebrate the underworld Halloween with demonic ghouls and goblins, strangled dummies and graves with headstones on our front lawns, witches on broomstick flying into trees, demanding “trick or treat” that if we do not get a treat, we will place a trick (spell) on them, and yet treat it as completely innocent child’s play.  If we do not believe in demons then we must also not believe in God either and this is their advantage.   Continue reading Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 2

Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 1

Lunar eclipse

Jesus was not One to mince words.  He told people exactly what they needed to hear and when they needed to hear it.

His own disciples were no exception.  When they came to Him privately to ask Him why they could not cast the demon out of a young ‘lunatic’ boy, He did not hesitate one moment.  “Because of your unbelief.” was His quick and immediate response and rebuke to set them straight.

This was the direct answer to their direct question as to why they failed in their attempt to cast the demon out of the boy.  Unbelief!

But what was this unbelief?  How did they get it?  What caused this unbelief all of a sudden in these disciples who had already performed many miracles?  How would they be able to overcome it?  And what causes unbelief in us as believers today?  How do we overcome unbelief to always be able to do the mighty works of Jesus?  Let’s explore this over the next few sessions. Continue reading Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 1

Woman Raised From The Dead At Sam’s


A woman and her sister were in Sam’s when they heard a man crying out, “Somebody help me!  Somebody help me!”

Not knowing what was going on, they ran over there and saw a woman slumped over in her seat with her face turning blue.   All he was saying was, “Somebody help me!” as he was trying to put a peppermint into her mouth.

“What’s wrong with her?” she asked.  The man replied, “I don’t know.  She’s going out.  I need help.”  She tried to move the woman’s mouth up and down to taste the peppermint when she realized the woman was passing.   Continue reading Woman Raised From The Dead At Sam’s

Pain Management

no-painAs I was waiting for the security guard to show up so I could enter the hospital where my daughter had just given birth to her new baby, out of boredom, I started reading the hospital policy signs on the wall.

The first sign that caught my attention, was a Pain Management Policy and Your Rights as a Patient of the Hospital.

As I started reading about how you have the right to be taken seriously about any pain you might have and be able to participate in deciding the treatment to manage your pain, I became a bit agitated and thought, why on earth would you want to manage pain?   Continue reading Pain Management

Smack Yourself Into Healing

Chris who was at our Life Team session this week for the 2nd time, prayed for Roger who had joined us on Skype.  Roger had a nasty reaction to a Tamilflu generic equivalent vaccination shot (these are pure poison! – the word pharmaceuticals comes from the Greek word paharmakeia which means witchcraft as in drug-related sorcery, like the practice of magical-arts) and was suffering pain in his head.

After Chris prayed for Roger laying his hand on the screen, Roger’s pain immediately diminished but what little pain was left, shifted to one side of his teeth.  After praying a second time the pain shifted to the other side of his teeth.   Continue reading Smack Yourself Into Healing

Jesus Cancels Knee Surgery

Karen came with her friend to our house for our Life Team session.  In talking, Karen mentioned that she was scheduled for knee surgery the next day.

Well, we could not let that happen, now could we?

I turned to her and said, “Can I ask you something?”  “Sure.” she replied.  I continued, “Do you believe that I am able to heal your knee right now in Jesus name?”  “Yes, I believe that.” she responded.   Continue reading Jesus Cancels Knee Surgery

Jesus Saves From Traffic Tickets

traffic-ticketThis is the second time, Jesus has saved me from a traffic ticket.

The first time was about 2 years ago when I was stopped for speeding.  I was driving about 48 mph in a 30 mph zone heading to a new church building where I was not familiar with the roads.  Trying to find my way, I was not paying much attention to the speed limit and sure enough, the red and blue emergency lights all of a sudden appeared in my mirrors lighting up my car and I had to pull over.

“Lord Jesus, You are my Deliverer.  Let Your will be done.”  I prayed as I rolled down my window.   Continue reading Jesus Saves From Traffic Tickets

Evil Communication

islandNo matter where you turn today, bad news dominates discussion.  Every day we take in an ample dose of evil communication of fear and anxiety, of sickness and disease, of financial oppression, theft and ruin, of murder and death, of lives being decimated and destroyed by the enemy.

This is by design.  Not by God but by the enemy.

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.  John 10:10

Part of the war machine of an aggressor nation is propaganda.  The first goal is to overtake and control all the communications of the population they seek to conquer.  It is a battle of the minds and to control the dialogue in an attempt to program the thoughts of the people.  Have you ever wondered why they call radio and television broadcasts ‘programming’?   Continue reading Evil Communication

Remote Discipleship

7fields-whiteOn Saturday, January 7th, 2017, I received this email below from Ernesto.  To this day, I have never met him in person yet but I hope to someday soon.  He lives in Virginia (I am in New Jersey) and had sent in a prayer request which was forwarded to me in September of 2016.  After praying with him over the phone, I asked him if he would like to be on our email list which he confirmed he would.  Here is what he wrote me 4 months later:   Continue reading Remote Discipleship