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Instantly Healed Of Pain In Her Hip

We were in New York City ministering to people on the streets.

Walking Cane.pngA woman was walking with difficulty with a cane.  I approached her and said: “Excuse me.  I noticed your cane.  I’m a minister and I pray for people and God heals them.  Can I pray for you?”

“Okay.” was her response.  I introduced myself and she told me her name was May.  “Okay, May, what can I pray for for you?  What’s the cane for?” I inquired.  “My hip.” she responded, “I have a problem with my hip.  It hurts.” Continue reading Instantly Healed Of Pain In Her Hip

Back Instantly Healed

We were out ministering on the streets in New York City and had teamed up with another healing outreach team.

achingbackI met one of their team members whose name was Leo and who was suffering from back pain.  He had been prayed for by others on the team and experienced some relief but it was a stubborn demon that still gave him grief.  So we took the devil by surprise and knocked it out altogether in 5 seconds flat and Leo was set free.  Praise Jesus!  You can watch his testimony below.

Continue reading Back Instantly Healed

Chains Broken & Stomach Pain Healed

We were in New York City, having a great time with the Empire State Building Ticket Sellers (see the post & video here) when Edwin and his wife Toya approached us for prayer.

brokenchainsmanThey had been observing how everyone was getting healed and baptized in the Holy Ghost and wanted in on the action.  Alright!

Edwin explained that he was a believer, baptized in the Holy Spirit and “spoke in tongues and everything”.  But he said that he had certain chains that needed to be broken.  When asked, he said he needed “consistency”, which I assumed was consistency in his spiritual walk.  He also had occasional back pain but did not have it today. Continue reading Chains Broken & Stomach Pain Healed

Street Healing in New York City

It was July 5th and a hot summer’s evening in NYC with temperatures in the nineties.

bryant_park_fountainWe met up with the team at Bryant Park by the fountain.  We met Johnny there who was a newcomer to the team and was full of questions.  He believed healing was true but had not seen it himself.  He had been watching several videos about healing and had prayed for several people but had not seen anyone he prayed for actually get healed.  He used as an example, the pain he had in his knee and shared that 3 people had already prayed for it but he had not been healed.   Continue reading Street Healing in New York City

Show & Tell

Ever since I was a kid in school, I loved Show & Tell.  It would be a welcome relief from all the teaching just to sit back and watch as other kids would bring in an object and then tell the class what they knew about it.  One day a boy caught every child spellbound when he told about ice cream.  Unfortunately he only brought in pictures and books and talked about how it was made and not the real thing.  But being overly familiar with the stuff, in our mind’s eye,  we could all taste it and hung on his every word.

Wooden Shoe Sailboat.pngThen one day came my turn.  So I brought in a Dutch sailboat made out of a wooden shoe with sail and all.  My parents were Dutch immigrants and had brought this fine specimen with them from their old country, Holland.  The kids loved it as I am sure they had never seen such a thing before.

Every kid loved Show & Tell and none were ever bored or looking out the window as they would with the everyday teachings.  It was a live show and a hands on demonstration that captured everyone’s attention and held it captivated every second until the show was over.   Continue reading Show & Tell

What Must I Do To Be Healed?

First of all, you must believe that you can be healed because of the price that Jesus paid by His stripes at the whipping post.

WMIDTBH.pngJust as it is forever settled that it is absolutely God’s will that none should perish because He sent His only Son that whosoever should believe in Him should not perish but have everlasting life because Jesus paid the price at the cross for the forgiveness of our sins, likewise it is forever settled that it is absolutely God’s will that none should be sick because He sent His only Son that whosoever should believe that by His stripes we are healed should not be sick because Jesus paid the price in His broken body at the whipping post for the healing of our bodies and that He is entitled to receive that which He has paid the price for in full.

There are so many unbelieving “believers”, as Smith Wigglesworth called them, that claim to believe in salvation by faith, but are unwilling to believe in healing by the same faith.   Continue reading What Must I Do To Be Healed?

Activating A New Team Member

As exciting as it is to see someone you pray for instantly get healed, it is even more thrilling to see one of your team members perform their very first healing.

Anand, one of our newest team members, joined us for one of our outreaches to a local outdoor flea market.  We approached a young woman who was walking with a cane.  Her name was Isabella and she was there with her husband, her son and her mother.  She said that she had pain in her right leg but mostly in her left foot.  You could see that she was wearing two completely different shoes.

She had gotten an infection in her foot which had progressively gotten worse and was walking around with this for 6 months.  She was scheduled to go to a special clinic in New York to have surgery on her foot.   Continue reading Activating A New Team Member

Festival Of Healings

We decided to have a team outreach at the Fall Foliage Festival in Port Jervis, NY, right over the border from New Jersey.

I have never seen so many people needing healing all gathered in one place.  It looked like an invalid ward and as if someone had planned a special outing for people with disabilities.  The fields were literally “white already to harvest” as it says in John 4:35.  I usually keep a log of people prayed for but there was no time to take any notes at all.  The minute you were done praying for one person, another captive soul needing deliverance stood in front of you with a cane, crutches or in a wheelchair.  We really had a field day!

Port Jervis2.pngHere are just a few of our encounters:

One lady got very scared.  She walked with a cane and her foot was hurting her.  She very nonchalantly accepted my offer to pray for her.  “Sure you can pray for me.” she said with an attitude like, what could that possibly do for me?  The minute I bent down, laid my hand on her foot and commanded the pain to go, I looked up and her casual demeanor and smiling face had suddenly disappeared and was replaced by an expression of horror.  As she backed away from she exclaimed: “What are you?  You are scaring me!”  I assured her that it wasn’t me but Jesus who had just instantly healed her to prove to her that He loves her by setting her free of her pain.  She turned around and walked away quickly, quite confused and quite without using her cane!   Continue reading Festival Of Healings

It Feels Really Good In Here

I bumped into Paul at the grocery store while out shopping with my wife.  He was a senior gentleman with a slight beard sitting in his wheelchair and just standing still in front of an aisle.

man-in-wheelchair“Excuse me sir, I noticed your wheelchair.  I’m a minister and I pray for people and God heals them. Can I pray for you, sir?” I offered him.

“You want to pray for me?” he asked surprised and continued a bit cynical, “You mean that there are still people in this world who actually care?”  “Of course!” I replied.  “Jesus loves you and He cares about you.  What can I pray for for you?”   Continue reading It Feels Really Good In Here

The High Holy Days Gift

It is very unusual these days that I go anywhere and not find someone who is in need of prayer for healing.  Canes, wheelchairs, crutches…they’re everywhere!

shofar-blowHowever, this was not the case on this particular day when I was shopping at BJ’s, a local wholesale club here in New Jersey.  I asked the Lord, is there really no one here that You want me to pray for?  Oh well, if You want me to minister to someone, I know You that will make it happen.

So I thought nothing of it any further and gathered the things I needed to pick up on my list and headed towards the cash register.  I stood on the less than 10 items line when a lady queued up behind me with a flatbed with the biggest flat screen TV I had ever seen.  Wow, that is a huge TV, I commented.  However, my prayer was answered when, as I turned to look behind me, there he was, the man who needed ministering.   Continue reading The High Holy Days Gift

4 Healings At The Mission

It is always a blessing to see the men coming forward at the Goodwill Rescue Mission to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Every time we go we have a harvest!

jesus-saves2When the service was over, I noticed a man with one leg shorter than the other talking to one of the ministers.  It was quite noticeable as he wore a special platform shoe to compensate for the difference.  He said his name was Charles and that he was born that way.  I asked if I could pray for him and after he accepted, I sat him down on a chair, lifted his legs up and commanded his right leg to grown out in the name of Jesus and match up to his left leg.  “I can feel it stretching!” he exclaimed.  His leg came out quite a bit but not all the way.  “Now that it started growing, it is going to grow all the way.” I assured him.  He was very grateful.

As I packed up my music gear and headed towards the door, I noticed a man sitting in a chair by the door with a cane.  “What’s the cane for?”  I inquired.  “O, it’s my ankle.” he replied.  His name was Juan and he accepted my offer to pray for him and his ankle was instantly healed.  “You won’t need that cane anymore!” I chided him.   Continue reading 4 Healings At The Mission

Muslims Meet Jesus Up Close And Personal

My daughter, Jamie, started a conversation with a Muslim mother and daughter we met at a flea market.  She tried to share Jesus with both of them but the conversation was not going anywhere.  Debating just led to them digging their heels in deeper and they were not willing to give an inch.  I joined in the conversation.

“Do you believe that all the prophets in the Qur’an speak the truth?”

“Yes, of course.”For Muslims who seek... IsaalMasih.net

“Do you believe that Jesus was a prophet?”

“Yes, we do.”

“So then you believe that everything Jesus said was the truth?”

“Yes, we do.”

“Well, Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man comes to the Father but through me.”  Do you believe that?”

“It does not say that in the Qur’an.”

Ugh!  Etc, etc, etc.   Continue reading Muslims Meet Jesus Up Close And Personal

On Top Of The World

New_York_Empire_State_Building_ticketWe were out on the streets in New York City with our team and bumped into a group of Empire State Building Observatory Ticket Sellers.

We approached Ramone who said he had pain in his back.  He was already a believer in Jesus but had been suffering from severe back pain for the last 4 months.  When he was prayed for by Josh and John, he was instantly healed and set free.  He was so thrilled and was excited to share his testimony on video (see below).

He also prayed with us and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues.  He said he could feel it in his stomach.  This was the rivers of living waters flowing from his belly as Jesus talks about in John 7:38.

He was so excited that he called over his friend and fellow Ticket Seller, George who also had pain in his back, and told him to let me pray for him.  However, when I started to pray for George, I suddenly realized that this would be a terrific opportunity to activate Ramone in the grace of healing (it is not really a special “gift” of healing but a “charisma” in Greek or “grace effect” of having and operating in the Holy Spirit given to every believer that will simply walk in it and exercise it by faith) and let him heal his friend George .   Continue reading On Top Of The World

Sending The Message To Liberia

After a week at the JGLM Annual Conference, it was time to go home.  I had arranged for a shuttle to pick me up at my hotel and take me to the airport.  When the shuttle arrived, the driver greeted me with a big, friendly smile as he took my suitcase.  I introduced myself and he told me his name was Tucker.  He had a bit of an accent but he spoke good English.  I quickly learned that he was from Liberia and that he and his wife wanted to move back there next year.  Liberia, I looked it up, is a country about the size of the state of Maine on the west coast of Africa nestled between Sierra Leone, Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire.

Coat_of_arms_of_REPUBLIC_OF_LIBERIA_in_1921He asked me what I did and I shared with him that I was a minister.  I also explained that I was here in Dallas at a conference this past week to learn how to train people in healing.  “So you can really heal people?” he questioned me.  “Yes.  Do you have any pain in your body?” I asked him.  “Oh, yes!  My back is really hurting right now.” he responded.  “No problem.” I said, “Let me pray for you”.   Continue reading Sending The Message To Liberia

Going Nuts – Lady Vendor Gets Instantly Healed

candiednutsDavid Hobday, one of our team members, was with us in New York City on one of our mission trips when he wanted to buy some nuts from a street vendor.  As he was paying for the nuts, he casually asked her if she had any pain in her body.  She said that she had pain in her back.

So Dave offered to pray for her back and she accepted.  After he prayed and commanded the pain to go and her back to be healed, he told her to look for the pain.  She politely ignored his instructions and thanked him.  Like most people, she did not expect anything to happen.   Continue reading Going Nuts – Lady Vendor Gets Instantly Healed

Shopping For Healings

Most people go shopping for food or clothes or something else.  I go shopping for healings.

shoppingcartMy wife likes it that I volunteer to go shopping for her, even if it sometimes takes a lot longer than usual.  That’s because I seek to find people in need of prayer so I can pray for them and set them free.  And the best place to find people is to go where most people go…shopping!   Continue reading Shopping For Healings

Homeless, Healed & Blessed

Laura hugThe biggest problem most homeless people face is identity theft.  Think about it.  In our complex society, you need a valid ID, a driver’s license or a passport to be able to buy an airplane ticket and to board an airplane.  One of the requirements to obtain a valid ID is a birth certificate which, if you have no money or resources, is almost impossible to secure.

Homeless people are exposed all the time.  We have witnessed the brazen theft of a cup of change from one homeless woman by another homeless thug in broad daylight right in front of our noses.  She was so distraught that she started crying.  However, we were able to bless her and many other people around her, who had also witnessed this atrocity, and who came rushing to her aid stretching forth their hands with $20 bills.  She was so elated and comforted once again. Continue reading Homeless, Healed & Blessed

Crushed Legs Instantly Healed

My wife and I were casually shopping at IKEA and decided to have lunch there.  After we sat down at our table somewhere in the middle of the dining room, a man with a cane slowly mozied by our table and headed to a table in the back.  When we finished, I said to her, “Why don’t you take the trays so I can go minister to that man back there?”  She agreed and I went to go find him.

Ikea mb“How did you know I was here?” He asked amazed that I had even noticed him.  I had introduced myself to him as a minister who prays for people and God heals them and asked if I could pray for him since I had noticed he was walking with a cane.  His name was Laurence and he explained that his legs were crushed by the Japanese during the war.   Continue reading Crushed Legs Instantly Healed

Did You Believe That You Received?

I can’t really remember when it started but it was about 22 years ago.  It was a pain in my left shoulder and arm that went all the way down to my hand.  It started gradually but got worse every day until I could not use my hand or move my arm at all without experiencing severe pain.  It even hurt while I was sleeping and would wake me up if I turned in my bed.

It was most annoying, not to mention, most uncomfortable.  One day my young son came running up to me and said “Hey, dad!” while he tapped on my hand.   I almost went through the roof.  “What’s wrong with your hand?” he asked.  “Nothing.” I said.  I did not want him to know or to worry that there was anything wrong.  The closest thing I could describe it as would be rheumatoid arthritis although I don’t really know because I never went to a doctor to have it checked out.  Partly because I did not want a doctor to establish a name for it but mostly because I wanted the Lord to heal it.

After much praying and reflection I firmly believed itGuitachord to be a spiritual attack from the enemy.  I played guitar in church and had pretty much devoted my life to only writing, playing and singing Christian music.  I knew that the enemy did not like that and I was convinced that it was a demonic attack to prevent me from glorifying the Lord with my playing music.   Continue reading Did You Believe That You Received?

Hot Dog And A Healing

Since my wife was out for dinner with one of her longtime friends, I decided to stop in to my favorite hot dog stand, Rutt’s Hut in Clifton, NJ, on the way home from ministering at the Goodwill Rescue Mission in Newark.  I’m not really a big hot dog fan but their relish is out of this world!

This is an indoor stand with eating counters all around and two stand up eating tables in the middle.  As I was thoroughly enjoying my meal at ripperthe one stand up table, I overheard two young guys speak Spanish at the next stand up table.  They had finished their meal and were now finishing their beers.  I was just about done and thought to myself I have two choices. One, I could just leave and all I would have had was a meal.  Or, two, I could strike up a conversation with these guys and see what the Lord makes of it.  I decided for the latter as it was a much more exciting prospect.   Continue reading Hot Dog And A Healing

Our Mission

Realizing that it is physically impossible for us to be everywhere when there is a need for prayer for healing, and since we are not the Holy Spirit who can be omnipresent, we are teaching the body of Christ how to operate in the same power of the Holy Spirit that Jesus did when He ministered to us while He was here on the earth.

No true, born again believer can say that he or she cannot heal, be healed or that they were not given the gift of healing.  Quite the opposite is true.  In Jesus, and by His stripes, we were all given the gift and grace of healing for ourselves and to accomplish healing in others without any exceptions whatsoever.   Continue reading Our Mission

The Activation of David Hobday

About three months ago, David showed up to one of our training meetings on a night we had not scheduled one.  He even brought his friend, Dennis.  So we had a special meeting just for him and his friend.  It was great.FireJaws promo

In his spare time David is a Christian rapper and goes by the name FireJaws.  He even has a website firejaws.com.  He had a million questions and wondered why he did not see instant healings when he prayed for people.   Continue reading The Activation of David Hobday

That Ye May Be Healed

Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. – James 5:16 KJV

Reading this quickly or for the first time, it would appear that you would need to confess your faults to one another before you may be healed.  Confessing your faults is of course always a good thing to do and something one should do to seek forgiveness and reconciliation.  However, this is not what the text says.  Continue reading That Ye May Be Healed

My Very First Healing

When I was a young believer, my wife and I travelled to a business convention in Pennsylvania with our one year old baby boy.  We stayed in a hotel across from a shopping mall.  My wife and my son stayed at the hotel while I attended the conference.

The second day during the lunch break, I went back to our room.  I opened the door only to be met with hysterical crying from our baby who apparently had an earache.  My wife was frazzled and trying everything she could think of to try to calm him down.  When she said that we had to take him to a doctor, it was my turn to become frazzled because we could not afford a doctor after all the money we had just spent on the convention and the hotel.   Continue reading My Very First Healing

Healing On 42nd Street

A woman in a red wheelchair was being pushed by her son on 42nd Street towards Times Square in New York City.  She was accompanied by her husband walking next to her on her left and her daughter in law on her right.
Red WC

I caught up to them and offered the son for me to pray for his mom.  He just looked at me in a blank stare.  So I asked him a second time.  Still, just a blank stare.  Maybe he doesn’t speak English, I thought?  So I asked him if he spoke English.   Continue reading Healing On 42nd Street

According To Your Faith

strongmanAfter my wife and I had spent 3 weeks in Holland visiting our families, I needed to return to New Jersey for business. For the next week or so I lived like a bachelor, working, eating and sleeping when I wanted without any regard to time of day.

One night I was standing at my bathroom counter reading my bible on  my iPad. Since the counter is low, I was standing wide legged and without realizing it, must have been standing in that position for over an hour. When I noticed that it was past 2 AM, I decided I should go to bed.   Continue reading According To Your Faith

Unforgiveness Is A Bitter Poison

When you harbor bitterness, happiness will dock elsewhere.

Has anyone ever wronged you?  Have you forgiven them?  If not, then you need to read this in its entirety.  Your very life may depend on it!poison

Unforgiveness is a bitter poison.  Left alone, it will eat at the very root of your heart and soul.  And if you let it suppurate and fester, it can ultimately destroy your very spirit and terminate in eternal death.   Continue reading Unforgiveness Is A Bitter Poison

Welcome To The Real World

new-creationThis world is not what it appears to be.  A world fashioned to deceive and distract from the one thing that is the most important…our Creator.  At this very moment there is a pitched battle going on for your soul, both in the seen and the unseen worlds.

The enemy does not want you, but he sure does not want your Father and especially His Son to have you either.  He has never cared for you and never will.  Your are just a pawn to him.  Just a tool to strike back at the One who has defeated him and put him to public shame.   Continue reading Welcome To The Real World